Monday, 6 August 2012

Raspberry Cupcakes

A gorgeous summer pairing of a cupcake with fresh, tart raspberries. Finished with sweet white chocolate buttercream icing. These little delectable treats are perfect for any tea time, as they play the part very well. With the inside having raspberry jam, they look very pretty when cut open.

Les Ingredients 

110g Unsalted butter, at room temp 
180g Caster sugar 
2 Large eggs
125g Self-raising flour
120g Plain flour
125ml Semi-skimmed milk, at room temp 
1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract
3 tablespoons of seedless raspberry jam

Le Méthode 

Pre heat the oven at 160˚C in a fan assisted oven, 180˚C/ 350˚F/ gas mark 4.

In your mixing bowl, start by creaming the sugar and butter together until pale and smooth, then add in the eggs one at a time making sure that all is well incorporated. 

In another bowl combine the two flours together. Add the vanilla in to the milk. Then add the 1 third of the flour with the sugar and butter and add a third of the milk to the mixture, repeat this process until all the flour and the milk is well mixed together. 

For the final touch of making the mixture, add in the raspberry jam but careful not over mix. If you over mix the mixture will become one colour. The aim is to get the raspberry jam to create streaks within the mixture. Fill your cup cases, (2 thirds full). Pop them in to the oven for around 25min or until slightly raised and golden. 

Once the cakes have cooled, add the raspberry jam in the middle. Using a sharp knife cut a hole in the centre of each cake. Then fill with the jam. A little tip to make the jam more manageable you can warm it up to make it softer. 

Finish off the cakes with a white chocolate butter cream icing, and fresh raspberries. To make the raspberries stand out, sprinkle small amount of edible glitter on the raspberry.

You could serve these with iced tea, fresh home made lemonade or at a picnic and even afternoon tea. Perfect way to enjoy some fruit with a naughty edge to it.

This is the cupcake showing of its raspberry centre, I enjoyed this with a nice cold glass of Rosé and enjoyed the rest of the sunday afternoon. 

Bon Appetit 

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