Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kremble Football Tournament

Once a year on the bank holiday in France, the local football club holds a football tournament. Now this tournament  is unlike any other type of tournament, it is a Kremble Tournois. This basically means that it is more of a fun game, where the teams are dressed in fancy dress or even just bizarrely dressed. The teams can be made up of all different skill level. In your team you could have your little sister, you older brother, you baby cousin, your grand parents and even your dog.

This year my brother did a team with us 'English' lot. It has been a couple of summers now that my brother and his friends come out for a week get a way. So over the years, they have became known as  'Les Anglais'. Our name this year for the game was 'Team English'.

As our fancy dress uniform, we went original. Being the year of 2012 and hosting the olympics we took the iconic Team GB t-shirts and personalised them. We each had a nickname that we used as our football names and we even had a sponsor, JBP Connections. We looked like we mean business.

Team English

Nick Names 
Les Shotis

The local girls always have a laugh and find new ways to dress up each year, this year they took a local style dress from Austria. I even played a couple of games with them so the whole stay with your own team doesn't stick as much, as some players fall or tire so you get friends to join in. I scored my first goal this year playing for them, but we still lost that match 2-4. These girls come to play and have a good time, rather than winning, its the taking part that counts.

My brother Vs his village friends

The whole day is a friendly atmosphere all the teams support each other. While I was playing one of the last games some players from another team that we had previously played, ran over to me and Rose and gave us a mouth full of beer to refuel our batteries.

The end of the day is the trophy give away. Each team wins a trophy, whether you come 1st or 7th. Our team came in the winning place of 7th, and we were thrilled with our attempt and lost all our games. Still the whole the village cheered us on. We got a special present for joining in each year, two bottle of white wine from Jean Geiler, a Risling and a Gewürztraminer. So we got our trophy, wine, and also a box of chewing gum.

Vincent, Fabienne, Brother (J.G),
Steve Remond President du Club, Joe

So after a day of playing, drinking and getting involved with the village, we had our last team photo to show off our lovely prizes. Before we headed down to the lake for the much deserved swim and chill.  

Saaalut. x 

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