Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Poulet a la Sophie

This little recipe is a lovely quick and easy dish to whip up. This is quite luxurious as a student recipe, but us students like a nice treat of meal time to time. If you have guest which you want to impress or as a house meal. It is quite easy dish to alter slightly to make it veggie friendly, just swap the chicken for tofu.

Pre Serving 

What gives this recipe 'a la Sophie' is the marinade the chicken is in. This is my little recipe which I'm going to share with you today.

What you will need:
Teriyaki sauce
Dark or Spiced Rum
Garlic, finely chopped
Cheeky Chili (chili flakes)

The base of the marinade is the teriyaki, so pour a nice generous amount on to the chicken, then add a splash of rum, (adds a nice flavour) add the garlic and as little or as much chili as you like.

I make it in a tuba-wear, so all I have to do is put the lid on and put back in the fridge. Leave for minimum a hour.

Then just heat your grill or frying pan up nice and hot, and cook it how you like, with chicken breast I normally butterfly it, so its easier to cook with out over drying it.

I dished these up with home made chips, and some lovely greens which I simply wilted down with garlic and added some milk so the veg are slightly creamy.

Dished up and ready to enjoy

Bon App├ętit

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