Monday, 30 January 2012

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Two delightful treats in one, A hot chocolate and a cake in one. These cupcakes are light, fluffy and a perfect partner to your hot chocolate, or tea if you prefer, with the weather turning cold on us, why not have a double indulgence, something to warm up the soul.

In this recipe I used the nicest hot chocolate powder ever, a very personal top choice, I cant remember the exact name of it as I call is Zuma Chocolate, (its the same one the restaurant Zuma uses). So they were soft and not to chocolatly. (unlike the Chocolate Fondant Cupcakes). These are a perfect ways to sort out them monday blues. 

Bon Appétit 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chocolate Fondant Cupcakes

Rich, Decadent, Chocolaty and Creamy all in one cupcake to accompany you on your lazy sunday.  

Had a strangely productive sunday today, been to the gym, done the silly bits and bobs, food shop, uni work and of course baking, I was in my house mates room, and all of a sudden i got the baking bug, again. So I tried out another chocolate based dessert. 

I had to take a cheeky snap of the melted chocolate, you can take my word for it, its yummy. When I was creating these decadent treats, I barred my housemates from the kitchen and had the tunes on, so was having a whale of time, as one would say!!

These can also be a dessert, with the centre of fondant chocolate, these are very rich, not for the light hearted, to make them extra rich, add an extra dollop of whipped cream or custard, but for the ones which want to make the guilt less, have it with fresh fruit, can have like a fondu type cupcake.

The finished cupcake - A night in with the house mates, living with three other girls, chocolate is fifth housemate. Anything chocolate is welcomed. This weekend turned to out be chocolate themed, we are about to sit and relax and enjoy these naughty little treats in front of the film Chocolat. 

So enjoy the rest of the weekend, 

Bon Appétit 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Millionaire Shortbread

A cheeky delectable treat. 

I popped home this week, and I was in the baking mood but didn't know what to make, so looking through my many different books, I found this little recipe for Millionaire Shortbread. In a book just for chocolate recipes, (subconsciously fancying chocolate.) This little treat is a layer of shortbread, with carmel centre and topped of with chocolate.  I would say quite easy to make but requires time for cooling  of the different layers. 

I would have to say that they went down at treat when I got back to my uni house, my house mates enjoyed the lot there are only a couple pieces left. 

This was my first attempt to make these, will make them again, but will add more chocolate on the top. To decorate these little treats, I used milk and strawberry chocolate and ran lines in the top and the created the french mille feuille topping, I found this adds an element of colour and of course more chocolate. 

Bon Appétit. 

On another note:

When I got back at stupid o'clock on thursday morning, my house mate Fran made me some lovely flap jacks/ granola bars for my return. They were amazing, they vanished quicker than you can say Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. She also has a blog, we are planing a joint post soon, so keep an eye out! 
Her blog is;    have a little look

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Somewhere Exotic


I have been brought up with a lot of respect for this culture, the food, the people, the weather, the country, just everything. I'm very lucky in the way that I have been to Thailand since I was 7 years old, and the fact that I go there a lot. It's our family number one holiday destination. I can talk about so much on the topic of Thailand.

For those of you that know Thailand will know about Pattaya, for those who don't, I'll explain briefly, Pattaya in highly known for the girls, and what comes with the girls. Though the town of Pattaya used to be a small fishing village, so when people ask me where about I go, and I say Pattaya, they are shocked, but this town is lovely. Over the years I have seen this town grow and become bigger and popular torist destination. Being a 21 year old girl, I feel very comfortable to venture the town and local area on my own. But also this is because I know the place very well.

The shopping is brilliant out there, i particularly love the markets. This is where, as all my friends know that I get my accessories and bits and bobs from. Though what is fascinating is the way that food is made and sold on the street.

The fruit and veg are so bright and colourful, almost plastic.

These are just some of my holiday snaps and how they present and sell different types of food. What I find interesting and cute is how they sell sweets, very different to our Pic'n'Mix. 

Some of my favourite dishes are: 

Fresh Tiger Prawns and Langoustine

These prawns are sold by locals on the public beach and in town, mum and i buy them as our treat when we do out daily walk on the beach. They get served with different types of sauces, sweet chilli, they typical one that tourists go for. Lemon chilli in which the name says it all, Lemon and Chilli, took me a while to get used to this sauce. But so good. 

Clams in Curry Sauce

This is a new dish that we tried and fell in love with, The last time we went mum was addicted to these, she would get them while i get my favourite dish of all time, The duck noodle soup. (ill do a entire post on that soup soon)  

Vegetables in Oyster Sauce 

A typical dish, that you will find anywhere from restaurant to markets. As the name says its consist of fresh veg, each place doesn't it differently, some places you can pick and chose what you want in it. 

Sticky Rice with Fresh Mango with Coconut.

This is maybe one of my top desserts. The rice is sticky and sweet and really compliments the mango, which is like butter, it melts in your month and the coconut milk to tie it all together, so good, what mum an I usually do, is on our way back to our hotel is stop of and get on of these and eat them on the balcony, which over looks the Bay of Pattaya.

Wishing I was back there now.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Vacherin Mont d'Or

Before i headed back to uni, mum and i had an indulgent dinner.

We used the Vacherin Mont d'Or, another one of our family Christmas traditions, but this year, we severed it slightly differently. we made it as a fondue.

La Recette

Mont d'Or 
White wine
2 large cloves of garlic - peeled 

Cut a cross in the cheese, and add the two cloves in the heart of the creamy cheese, then add the white wine to the cheese. I would advise to have the cheese on tin foil, as wine tries to escape from the side. close the tin foil and pop on the oven for like 25min, but keep checking to be sure. 

We enjoyed it with some little sides, boiled baby new potatoes, ham, salade a la maman, and of course baguette. 
The wine and the heat made the cheese much runnier and perfect for a fondue. This is perfect for a girly dinner catch up, to have a good ol' natter, as its quite a social dinner. 

Bon Appétit