Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chocolate Fondant Cupcakes

Rich, Decadent, Chocolaty and Creamy all in one cupcake to accompany you on your lazy sunday.  

Had a strangely productive sunday today, been to the gym, done the silly bits and bobs, food shop, uni work and of course baking, I was in my house mates room, and all of a sudden i got the baking bug, again. So I tried out another chocolate based dessert. 

I had to take a cheeky snap of the melted chocolate, you can take my word for it, its yummy. When I was creating these decadent treats, I barred my housemates from the kitchen and had the tunes on, so was having a whale of time, as one would say!!

These can also be a dessert, with the centre of fondant chocolate, these are very rich, not for the light hearted, to make them extra rich, add an extra dollop of whipped cream or custard, but for the ones which want to make the guilt less, have it with fresh fruit, can have like a fondu type cupcake.

The finished cupcake - A night in with the house mates, living with three other girls, chocolate is fifth housemate. Anything chocolate is welcomed. This weekend turned to out be chocolate themed, we are about to sit and relax and enjoy these naughty little treats in front of the film Chocolat. 

So enjoy the rest of the weekend, 

Bon Appétit 

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