Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lazy Sunday

After an intense weekend celebrating our results, and only starting to feel human again this morning, I decided to treat my self with a little luxury for brunch today. A simple yet effective French Toast. This little dish is easy and very effective to whip up. If you want to treat someone with breakfast in bed or just show of your domestic skills. This recipe is fool proof.

La Recette pour 2 personnes

2 eggs 
2 slices of bread 
Sprinkle of Sugar
Splash of whole milk 
Dash of vanilla extract  

In a shallow dish, break the eggs in to it and add the milk, sugar and vanilla and mix all together till well incorporated. Cut the bread in to desired shapes, I am more of a triangle type of girl, but you can do strips, squares and so on. Soak the pieces in the mixture making that they are well covered. Then simple fry them with a little bit of butter till they are lightly coloured.

To finish off my French Toast, I used fresh fruit, strawberries and blueberries and dusted some icing sugar on for the finishing touch. I had a glass of orange juice and tea with it. It was defiantly they way to start of my sunday. 

This dish is very versatile as you can use different types of bread, you could use brioche or baguette. Also the way you finish off the dish, You could use other fruit, butter, honey or golden syrup. 

Bon Appétit  

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tarte aux Fruits

This week I wanted to make something which wasn't to guilty and also a family favourite. While looking through my many various cookbooks I found inspiration. Also being Fathers day I wanted to do something that my Dad would appreciate.

Tarte aux Fruits, is a family favourite for all of us, when we get them, they never last long. Usually Dad and I share them together. If I'm not quick enough the majority of it is gone, then he makes a silly joke about how he miscalculate his portion or thought that I had enough. 

Even though my dad is on the other side of the world, This dessert is quite fitting. It was very simple to make. You can make it as individual portions or make a large one, which you share with your family and friends. To put this together all you need is; Shortcrust tart base, then fill it with creme patissiere, et voila, the base is done, all you have to do from here is decorate with various different fruits, I went for a summer selection, but you could do them with strawberries, exotic fruit, and could also add some chocolate in it, just to make it more decadent.  

To serve up, I used dark melted chocolate to decorate the plate and placed each tarte in the corner of the plate and finished off with mums spoons that are heart shaped. (aren't they cute) 

Bon Appétit  

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Good Company and Cake

As uni life comes to end, we are all realising that there is not much time of us lot being so close together and so easy to see each other. During the week, after one our meetings at uni, a bunch of us came back to mine for tea and cakes. 

Though when we got to it, we where all motivated to bake. We had the hard decision of what type of cake, Chocolate or Vanilla. Then all of a sudden we had an idea to make both and make a marble cupcake!! 

We had such laugh baking, as we all have different styles in the kitchen, but what was fun was spooning the mixture in to the cases. Also the mess that we created we all call it 'an artistic creation'.

This is the scene of the kitchen before the cakes went in to the oven. While the cakes are cooking in the oven, we all sat around on my bed with a cup of tea and the iPad, had a girly heart to heart and also played a Disney knowledge quiz. We kept checking on them as we were worried we would over cook them..... (burn them.)

The cupcakes when they have just come out the oven, the mixture and they had risen and kept the marble effect all the way through. To do this, the girls spooned the mixture in different times and in different layers. 

To finish the cupcakes we made butter icing, but also made that marble effect. Chocolate and Vanilla butter icing, and mixed it together. 

A bite in to the creation that us girls made. You can see how effective the marble worked. Let me tell you they tastes as good as they looked.  Days like this, the spontaneousness, the laughs, the gossips, is going to some of my favourite memories of the end of uni.

Bon Appétit 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

I do not think that you could not avoid the fact that this weekend everyone has their own element of patriotism, British bunting, flags, street parties and other festivities all in honour of Our Queen.

The Queen has been our Monarch for Sixty years, over the years many things have changed, politics, Prime Ministers, 'Presidents' and education.  Though through all this change The Queen has her grace and elegance and still remains the classic British Lady.  The Queen is our symbol of stability.  In three years HRM will be the longest reigning monarch Great Britain (so another party is around the corner)
A little history lesson, The Queen of England and the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej are the longest reigning monarch of todays life. (a little fact for you there) 

The theme for this post is traditional english treats. In keeping in the with the jubilee and I've kept everything British. Taking some of these traditional ideas and finding a spin on them to make them slightly different. 

What my picnic table will feature this weekend, I've made some traditional lemonade and also a pink lemonade, mini victoria sponges and taken Pimms to a new way to be enjoyed. 

Pimm,s Jelly

When the sun is out what is the first thing that us Brits do, have a BBQ and get the Pimm's out. So rather than serving Pimm's in the famous jug I've taken the much loved recipe and made it in to a desert. This is another way to enjoy Pimm's,

La Recette 
400ml Lemonade
175ml Pimm's 
4 Sheets of gelatine
1/2 lemon, juiced 

Start by soaking the gelatine sheets in cold water so that they are soggy. While that is soaking, heat half the lemonade until nearly boiling and take away from the heat. Add the gelatine sheets and mix in until dissolved, then add in the Pimm's the rest of the lemonade and the lemon juice. Once all the ingredients are together pass through a sieve and in to the bowl to set.

To finish off I whipped up some double cream with a hint of orange juice and set up on top of mandarin segments, with a small strawberry and mint leaf.

Personal Victoria Sponges 

Victoria Sponge, no picnic this weekend will be complete until these have come to the table, rather than making a large cake, I've made person sized ones. This allows you have a your cake and eat it to.


Home Made, Cloudy and Pink Lemonade

These are just some of the key elements that will feature at my weekend. Tomorrow the Britishness has not left, as mum is cooking a home made Beef Wellington, that we will enjoy on our patriotic table.

Hope that you all enjoy the Jubilee what ever you are up to, make sure you catch the River Pageant tomorrow.

Bon Appétit