Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lazy Sunday

After an intense weekend celebrating our results, and only starting to feel human again this morning, I decided to treat my self with a little luxury for brunch today. A simple yet effective French Toast. This little dish is easy and very effective to whip up. If you want to treat someone with breakfast in bed or just show of your domestic skills. This recipe is fool proof.

La Recette pour 2 personnes

2 eggs 
2 slices of bread 
Sprinkle of Sugar
Splash of whole milk 
Dash of vanilla extract  

In a shallow dish, break the eggs in to it and add the milk, sugar and vanilla and mix all together till well incorporated. Cut the bread in to desired shapes, I am more of a triangle type of girl, but you can do strips, squares and so on. Soak the pieces in the mixture making that they are well covered. Then simple fry them with a little bit of butter till they are lightly coloured.

To finish off my French Toast, I used fresh fruit, strawberries and blueberries and dusted some icing sugar on for the finishing touch. I had a glass of orange juice and tea with it. It was defiantly they way to start of my sunday. 

This dish is very versatile as you can use different types of bread, you could use brioche or baguette. Also the way you finish off the dish, You could use other fruit, butter, honey or golden syrup. 

Bon App├ętit  

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