Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tarte aux Fruits

This week I wanted to make something which wasn't to guilty and also a family favourite. While looking through my many various cookbooks I found inspiration. Also being Fathers day I wanted to do something that my Dad would appreciate.

Tarte aux Fruits, is a family favourite for all of us, when we get them, they never last long. Usually Dad and I share them together. If I'm not quick enough the majority of it is gone, then he makes a silly joke about how he miscalculate his portion or thought that I had enough. 

Even though my dad is on the other side of the world, This dessert is quite fitting. It was very simple to make. You can make it as individual portions or make a large one, which you share with your family and friends. To put this together all you need is; Shortcrust tart base, then fill it with creme patissiere, et voila, the base is done, all you have to do from here is decorate with various different fruits, I went for a summer selection, but you could do them with strawberries, exotic fruit, and could also add some chocolate in it, just to make it more decadent.  

To serve up, I used dark melted chocolate to decorate the plate and placed each tarte in the corner of the plate and finished off with mums spoons that are heart shaped. (aren't they cute) 

Bon Appétit  

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