Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Good Company and Cake

As uni life comes to end, we are all realising that there is not much time of us lot being so close together and so easy to see each other. During the week, after one our meetings at uni, a bunch of us came back to mine for tea and cakes. 

Though when we got to it, we where all motivated to bake. We had the hard decision of what type of cake, Chocolate or Vanilla. Then all of a sudden we had an idea to make both and make a marble cupcake!! 

We had such laugh baking, as we all have different styles in the kitchen, but what was fun was spooning the mixture in to the cases. Also the mess that we created we all call it 'an artistic creation'.

This is the scene of the kitchen before the cakes went in to the oven. While the cakes are cooking in the oven, we all sat around on my bed with a cup of tea and the iPad, had a girly heart to heart and also played a Disney knowledge quiz. We kept checking on them as we were worried we would over cook them..... (burn them.)

The cupcakes when they have just come out the oven, the mixture and they had risen and kept the marble effect all the way through. To do this, the girls spooned the mixture in different times and in different layers. 

To finish the cupcakes we made butter icing, but also made that marble effect. Chocolate and Vanilla butter icing, and mixed it together. 

A bite in to the creation that us girls made. You can see how effective the marble worked. Let me tell you they tastes as good as they looked.  Days like this, the spontaneousness, the laughs, the gossips, is going to some of my favourite memories of the end of uni.

Bon App├ętit 


  1. the end of uni...but not the end of baking or laughs! xx

  2. Harriet and I have marble cupcake SKILLZ