Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

I do not think that you could not avoid the fact that this weekend everyone has their own element of patriotism, British bunting, flags, street parties and other festivities all in honour of Our Queen.

The Queen has been our Monarch for Sixty years, over the years many things have changed, politics, Prime Ministers, 'Presidents' and education.  Though through all this change The Queen has her grace and elegance and still remains the classic British Lady.  The Queen is our symbol of stability.  In three years HRM will be the longest reigning monarch Great Britain (so another party is around the corner)
A little history lesson, The Queen of England and the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej are the longest reigning monarch of todays life. (a little fact for you there) 

The theme for this post is traditional english treats. In keeping in the with the jubilee and I've kept everything British. Taking some of these traditional ideas and finding a spin on them to make them slightly different. 

What my picnic table will feature this weekend, I've made some traditional lemonade and also a pink lemonade, mini victoria sponges and taken Pimms to a new way to be enjoyed. 

Pimm,s Jelly

When the sun is out what is the first thing that us Brits do, have a BBQ and get the Pimm's out. So rather than serving Pimm's in the famous jug I've taken the much loved recipe and made it in to a desert. This is another way to enjoy Pimm's,

La Recette 
400ml Lemonade
175ml Pimm's 
4 Sheets of gelatine
1/2 lemon, juiced 

Start by soaking the gelatine sheets in cold water so that they are soggy. While that is soaking, heat half the lemonade until nearly boiling and take away from the heat. Add the gelatine sheets and mix in until dissolved, then add in the Pimm's the rest of the lemonade and the lemon juice. Once all the ingredients are together pass through a sieve and in to the bowl to set.

To finish off I whipped up some double cream with a hint of orange juice and set up on top of mandarin segments, with a small strawberry and mint leaf.

Personal Victoria Sponges 

Victoria Sponge, no picnic this weekend will be complete until these have come to the table, rather than making a large cake, I've made person sized ones. This allows you have a your cake and eat it to.


Home Made, Cloudy and Pink Lemonade

These are just some of the key elements that will feature at my weekend. Tomorrow the Britishness has not left, as mum is cooking a home made Beef Wellington, that we will enjoy on our patriotic table.

Hope that you all enjoy the Jubilee what ever you are up to, make sure you catch the River Pageant tomorrow.

Bon App├ętit  

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  1. Beautiful Sophie, even for an anti-monarchical spoilsport like me xx