Saturday, 26 May 2012

Peanut Butter Squares

This little recipe is based on the much loved Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Its quick and easy to put altogether and the best part, its a no bake recipe, so all you have to do is pop it in the fridge for an hour or so, and then you have your little squares ready to. 

As summer is around the conner a lot of people are after their summer bod, so what I say with treats, is make you have some friends over to help, as these are ridiculously moreish.  These are also great treats for any tea party or even picnics. 

La Recette 

Unsalted Butter  100g 
Peanut Butter (I used crunchy) 150g 
Caster Sugar   1 Tablespoon
Digestive Crumbs   25 biscuits
Dark Chocolate   500g

Start the with the crumbs, if you need to make the crumbs, is very simple.  Put the biscuits in to a carrier bag that has no holes, release the air and tie the bag closed with a knot. Next get a rolling pin and roll over the biscuits, and before your every eyes you will have crumbs.

Next mix in the butter, peanut butter and sugar. Keep mixing till everything is incorporated well, then but in your mould.  Make sure that it is all compressed well together.

Melt the dark chocolate. I used dark, but you can use what you like, but as the peanut butter is quite sweet the dark chocolate balances out the sweet element.  Pour the melted chocolate all over the mixture, pop in to the fridge for an hour, et Volia. Your very own Peanut Squares.

Bon Appétit 

Friday, 18 May 2012


Over the easter break mum took me to Geneva for the weekend as a small treat as the rest of my family are jetting off around the world, and I'm stuck here due to my final major project (this is also the reason there haven't been new posts)

I was lucky while out in Geneva the weather was delightful so we walked around and mum told me stories about her childhood and the time spent in Geneva, This was lovely to hear how she grew up and how the times have changed.

Le Jet d'Eau 

Horloge Fleurie
We stopped off for lunch on the terrace of The Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues. Sitting facing the le Lac was lovely and basking in the pure sunshine was a lovely way to send the afternoon.

A sample of what mum and I enjoyed;

Sashimi de Thon

Beef Carpaccio with Truffle 

Miso Black Cod

Fillet de Bar Roti  
Cristal de Framboise 
This desert is another one that I shall remember due to how it was presented, and to also the mixtures of textures there was in this one dish. There was Matcha ice cream, which is a green tea, and you can take my word for it, it really complimented the raspberries and the different textures thats the raspberries created.

Over all we had a lovely time and spent the days going round the city and taking in all the sites.

Bon Appétit 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Quick Lunch

Asparagus Salad

I had been home for a few weeks after Easter to get on with my uni work. Being home definitely had it perks, home comforts to deal with the pressure of deadline looming. Though the best part of being home, mum. She sorted out food for us and also made me the odd tea while I was working away.

One lunch she made was this asparagus salad. I do try and use seasonal products but could not help myself when I saw these and mum already had a new dish that she wanted to try.

Using fresh asparagus just steamed and then finished off with freshly chopped basil, mini capers and anchovies. Served with a boiled egg that is seasoned with fine chilli powder.

This was a delightful light lunch that we both enjoyed and is defiantly a summer recipe. Quick simple and impressive, easy to enjoy in a summer afternoon. Now all we need is the summer! 

Bon Appétit