Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mother's Day Lunch

Mothering Sunday.

This year was quite different than what we normally do. Our little dinner turned in to a big lunch, from originally four of us it quickly increased and became eleven of us.

So true to ourself. We created a nice table and using bits from the garden to add that spring element to the table. We set the table up differently from normal and the colour scheme, kept it to Black and White with spring colours.

La Table

Parma Ham with charantais melon, avocado and cherry tomatoes 

Plat Principale 
Souris d'agneau 
Concombre et carotte a la creme 
Roast Potatoes 

Baba au Rhum 
Red Velvets
Fresh Fruit 


Each place was set up with a little treat a chocolate chick, the ladies had a Lindt chick and the men had a Smarties one.

Plat Principle 

As there were a number of us to cater to, we done a dish that was not required too much attention once the guest got here and easy to cook, what is magic about this dish is the preparation and the cooking of it,  can cook in the slow oven of the Aga over several hours and voila, ready to serve.

My Famous Red Velvets

Lunch its self was lovely, we all laughed at each others silly child stories and embarrassing moments, was a pleasant afternoon, the dessert was long awaited as my cupcakes are starting to get a name for themselves, and I had them placed on the table so when everyone came over they saw them, there too good to hide them, also my mum did Baba au Rhum, which is a small little cake that resembles a doughnut which is soaked in liquor (we used spiced rum) and then whipped cream fills the centre. This was a light treat. A good dish for a dinner party as you prepare it before hand and just have to the cream before you serve. 

Hope everyone had a pleasant mothers day,

Bon App├ętit.


  1. you should be a contestant on come dine with me :) you would be brill!!

    1. i dnt i have the guts to do it on TV tho.... x