Friday, 9 March 2012

Uni Life

Food is a big part of my life, and my up bringing, when I go home to Alsace, France, the typical conversation always includes, food or wine. Though the best is, when I wake up and having breakfast, my mum and auntie are already discussing what the lunch menu is, and at lunch what the dinner menu is. So where am I going with this?

Being a student, food can be exciting, quick and easy. Though sometimes when you are tried and stressed out you just want some home comforting food or quick easy dishes which aren't usually the best for you, like the good ol' beans on toast, or the reliable take-out from down the road. But I do like proper dinner, so pre planning for when I'm stressing out I made my own pre cooked meals, which are currently sitting in the freezer, and ready to go.

So this is what I done, I spent a whole day at home, cooking up a feast. In all I cooked 3 separate dishes, which feeds altogether 16 people. I made Garden's Pie, Spinach and Cheese Pudding and a Sloppy Joe influenced recipe. These recipes have had my attention for a while, so I thought why not create them for student living,

The Sloppy Joe recipe was surprisingly quick to put all together. What took the longest was prepping the vegetables. This I will serve with either boiled new potatoes or some garlic bread, depending on my indulgence levels.  

Sloppy Joe

The Spinach and Cheese Pudding is simple to put together. This dish is very similar to quiche, though is has no pastry and is made of large hand full or two of spinach, couple of slices of wholemeal bread and 3 eggs, all whip up together in a food processor and then once in the dish, cover with cheese and cherry tomatoes and pop in the oven till its looking golden and ready to dish up.

Spinach and Cheese Pudding

Garden's Pie similar to a cottage pie but this is done with vegetables, so still filling and healthy and not so heavy, toped of with swede parsnips and carrots rather than potatoes and and the filling is a mix of different vegetables.

Garden's Pie 

Et Voila, all packed up and ready to be taken down to my uni house with me, My house mate laughed at my labelling when they saw it in the freezer. The Spinach and Cheese Pudding was not a dish that could be frozen so that was packed separately and eaten first as lunch or a light dinner.

Box and Labeled up

Bon App├ętit 


  1. i do this as well :) i cook a huge dinner one evening when i have time so there are about four portions, then i freeze the rest for when i don't have time to cook! ^_^ xx

  2. I did this in first year, but now the freezer is incessantly filled with my housemates' frozen ready meals :(

  3. thats not so cool, this is the first year i've done it on such a grand scale, but we have a huge freezer, so its not tooo bad, x