Monday, 5 March 2012

Fondue Bourguignonne

I spent last week at home, so this meant I had all the home luxuries, from mother making me a cup of tea while I was studying to Rocky one of my puppies keeping company all week. Mum and I created un menu gourmand. When I'm at uni, mum is always creating lovely dishes which make me jealous, as because when I get home, she has a hard idea on what to cook.... this could just be a ploy to get me to cook. So last week, we created the menu and cooked together.

First, was the Fondue.

As a catch up, we treated our selves to a Fondue Bourguignonne. Similar to the Mont d'Or fondue, but rather than cheese based, this is with meat, and you cook it in the hot oil. The oil which we add herbs and chilli to it so that the oil has a unique flavour,

Les Sauce 

I just had to include these cute little sauces, We got these in France, but they are perfect for meals like this, as you can have a verity of different flavours, something for everyone.

This is another brilliant social dinner, a great way to impress a dinner party, and the good part is, not much on the preparation front, just chop up your meat, choose your wine and heat up the oil, and you good to go.

 This is Rocky, I had to add a this photo of him, just chilling out on my Irregular Choice bag. He did not leave me alone the time I was home. Was hard to leave him =[


Bon App├ętit 

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