Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thai Style - Food on the Go.

Walking down Beach road, across the Soi's and along pretty much any road, using various ways of grabbing your attention by using horns, bells, squeaky toys they are everywhere. Each selling there goodies. You can buy prawns, crab pinchers, spring rolls, thai sausage even milkshakes and ice cream. Or you can try the specialities which are found here like, beetles, grasshoppers and if you want, scorpions.

Parked up on the pavement out side the school

Best sweetcorn in town

Food cook on the road

Broom, duster? anyone?

This year a couple of my friends made me try some new goodies from several of the food carts. I tried some crispy pork, and learnt the name for pork in Thai which is moo. You can imagine how confused I was. I also tired BBQ'd sticky rice and a spicy oyster salad. That is only the start of the list, there is so much more.  

Bon App├ętit