Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner. 

Each year mum and I set the table. We always add something new or fun. This year we added the bauble and a red bow and last year were the tea cup candles. 


Fois Gras de Tonton Edgar 

Chapon Farci - Choux-rouge aux marrons, carrote aux ail et fines herbes, parsnips a l'anglais and English  trimmings 

Bûche de Noel aux marrons et chocolat

The preparations to the main meal.

The vegetables and the sides all ready to go, sitting on the aga keeping warm. While we carve the chapon. 

Served ourselves with all the sides, and had a lovely red wine with it. The red wine we had was a Vin Du Languedoc. Montpierre, Reseve, Fitou. 

My dinner plate, just added a generous amount of gravy and good to go, it was Yum!! 

Bûche de Noel aux marrons et chocolat

This is the french equivalent of a Christmas Pudding, usually mum gets them from a patisserie but this year i took on the challenge and made it my self - after a summer of baking a variety of cakes, it was quite fun to make.  I ended up taking to cake and sharing it my whole family.  I was slightly nervous as this is the first time I made this type of cake, and it went down a treat. 

The chocolate glaze is 70% dark chocolate with a small about of butter and icing sugar.  The centre is creme du marron, (chestnut cream), and vanilla and rum sponge. 

Bon Appetit.  

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