Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Red Velvets

Red Velvets - Christmas Style 

If I had to choose my favourite cupcake, it would be the Red Velvet.  I remember my first one, I was in London and it was from the legendary Hummingbird Bakery.

When mum got me my first baking book this summer, It was The Hummingbird Cookbook. I was so excited and with out fail I was in the kitchen making my own batch of Red Velvets.  Over time I have added my own bits and taken away from the recipe to make it my own.

This Christmas, I went to the indulgent side and used 70% dark melted chocolate, rather than coco powered, and added my secret ingredient. To decorate them I used two types of red glitter, rather than adding some of the crumbs of the cake back on top, just a simple finishing for my favourite. My taste team (brother and his friends), said that these where the best batch yet.

I had this is with a cup of tea, in my snowman mug of course. Went down a lovely treat! 

Bon Appétit 

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