Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crumble Pie

This weekend, Me and housemate had the hardest decisions to make, Apple Pie or Apple Crumble. We were going to have a quite meal in, though the plans changed last minute, we were still left with this decision. 

We got Facebook and Twitter involved to help us make our minds up. Crumble was a taking a large part of the vote, but we were not feeling crumble as such. So back to the drawing board and we came to a compromise and this was also suggested by a couple of friends. Crumble Pie. A pie base, apple filling and crumble top. 

This Crumble Pie, was quick and easy to put together, especially as there were two of us creating this delightful heart warming dessert.

One thing that we both could decide on was the side, cream or custard, custard all the way. Though you could serve this warm from the oven with ice cream, cream or custard. 

Two traditional english puddings merged in to one. This is a lovely pudding to warm you up from the inside out. 

Bon Appétit 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sophie One Treats

Today I had a lovely impromptu visit from the one and the only Sophie 1,  I lived with Sophie my first year at uni. We got our nick names, Sophie 1 and Sophie 2, when we signed up the gym, and since then the names have pretty much stuck.

Sophie is a lovely baker and is always whipping something up, so when she turned up at my door, I was excited to see what she made. This time she made two types of muffins, Pumpkin seed and Banana with Wheatgerm and Rocky Road Muffins. Good to balance out the bad.

Pumpkin Seed, Banana and Wheatgerm 

This delightful treat is guilt free, perfect for a breakfast or elevenses, the fact that pumpkin seed and banana is good to keep them naughty munchies at bay. Im saving this one for after my work out tomorrow.

Rocky Road 

This is more of a naughty indulgence, This is the first one that I tried. I brewed us each a cup of tea and we had a good catch up and swapped stories of our recent adventures. This treat was lovely, not to overwhelming on the chocolate, and of course the company made it even better. 

Bon Appétit

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Born in the 90's!

A blast from the past, 90's where when hair scrunchies, double denim, crop tops and neck-chockers was in fashion, and last night, we literally partied like it was 1999!!

To make the night more authentic we created picky food, sweets of the time when where kids, we went along the good old high street to spy out these treats from the past. We found some golden treats, but was  dishearten when we could not find Panda Pops, remember the small brightly coloured drinks, candy-floss, bubblegum and other wacky flavours.

90's Sweet 

90's treats that we found. 

Mini Lovehearts 
Rainbow laces
Party Rings
Whistling Lollies 
Iced Jems

Rocking the 90's Fashion 

We partied our hearts out to songs from our past, from Spice Girls, Oasis, Aqua, Backstreet Boys and other gems from the 90's, including Saturday Night, Cotton Eye Joe and of course the Macarena. Over all it was an awesome night.

Peace Out, as you would say back in the 90's 


Friday, 10 February 2012

Pasta funghi

A pasta dish is always warm and comforting in this weather.

In this recipe, there is mushrooms, spinach, with a creamy sauce. This is one of my favourite pasta dishes that I cook, My mums are in a complete other league, This is quick and easy to put together.

La recette 
handful of spinach
a few mushrooms, sliced
half an onion, finely chopped
a splash of cream  

Put your pasta on, while that is cooking, make the creamy mushroom sauce. In a separate pan start to fry your onions and then add the mushrooms, allow them to get nice colour, mushrooms hold a lot of water so they reduce in size.

Once your pasta is cooked, finish off the sauce, by adding the spinach to the mushrooms, with a couple of spoons of the broth from the pasta, and a splash of cream to finish the sauce off, then season to taste. Depending on the mood that I am in, i may add cheeky chili, pepper and maybe sometimes a small part of an Oxo cube.

Bon Appétit   

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Poulet a la Sophie

This little recipe is a lovely quick and easy dish to whip up. This is quite luxurious as a student recipe, but us students like a nice treat of meal time to time. If you have guest which you want to impress or as a house meal. It is quite easy dish to alter slightly to make it veggie friendly, just swap the chicken for tofu.

Pre Serving 

What gives this recipe 'a la Sophie' is the marinade the chicken is in. This is my little recipe which I'm going to share with you today.

What you will need:
Teriyaki sauce
Dark or Spiced Rum
Garlic, finely chopped
Cheeky Chili (chili flakes)

The base of the marinade is the teriyaki, so pour a nice generous amount on to the chicken, then add a splash of rum, (adds a nice flavour) add the garlic and as little or as much chili as you like.

I make it in a tuba-wear, so all I have to do is put the lid on and put back in the fridge. Leave for minimum a hour.

Then just heat your grill or frying pan up nice and hot, and cook it how you like, with chicken breast I normally butterfly it, so its easier to cook with out over drying it.

I dished these up with home made chips, and some lovely greens which I simply wilted down with garlic and added some milk so the veg are slightly creamy.

Dished up and ready to enjoy

Bon Appétit