Friday, 10 February 2012

Pasta funghi

A pasta dish is always warm and comforting in this weather.

In this recipe, there is mushrooms, spinach, with a creamy sauce. This is one of my favourite pasta dishes that I cook, My mums are in a complete other league, This is quick and easy to put together.

La recette 
handful of spinach
a few mushrooms, sliced
half an onion, finely chopped
a splash of cream  

Put your pasta on, while that is cooking, make the creamy mushroom sauce. In a separate pan start to fry your onions and then add the mushrooms, allow them to get nice colour, mushrooms hold a lot of water so they reduce in size.

Once your pasta is cooked, finish off the sauce, by adding the spinach to the mushrooms, with a couple of spoons of the broth from the pasta, and a splash of cream to finish the sauce off, then season to taste. Depending on the mood that I am in, i may add cheeky chili, pepper and maybe sometimes a small part of an Oxo cube.

Bon App├ętit   

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