Sunday, 12 February 2012

Born in the 90's!

A blast from the past, 90's where when hair scrunchies, double denim, crop tops and neck-chockers was in fashion, and last night, we literally partied like it was 1999!!

To make the night more authentic we created picky food, sweets of the time when where kids, we went along the good old high street to spy out these treats from the past. We found some golden treats, but was  dishearten when we could not find Panda Pops, remember the small brightly coloured drinks, candy-floss, bubblegum and other wacky flavours.

90's Sweet 

90's treats that we found. 

Mini Lovehearts 
Rainbow laces
Party Rings
Whistling Lollies 
Iced Jems

Rocking the 90's Fashion 

We partied our hearts out to songs from our past, from Spice Girls, Oasis, Aqua, Backstreet Boys and other gems from the 90's, including Saturday Night, Cotton Eye Joe and of course the Macarena. Over all it was an awesome night.

Peace Out, as you would say back in the 90's 


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