Friday, 28 September 2012

Underwater Adventure

I haven't been diving for over 14 months, so back in the city where I learnt to dive in, I thought why not get back in to the water. So booked my self in to a few days diving. The first day we dived round the islands of Pattaya. This was to get comfortable in the water and refresh my skills of being back in le grand bleu.

The day flew past with making new friends on the boat, this always makes the day more fun, diving is always a good way of meeting new people. The dives where good fun and a drift dive (swimming with the current) for a first dive is not a bad start either. After the day diving a couple of the instructors and I went to grab a drink and chill out for a couple of hours.

The second day we went to Samae san. An earlier start, as the meeting time was 8 at the dive centre. Got all the equipment together and the daily supplies ready and set off for the 45min thai-style taxi ride. Imagine your standard pick up truck, but in the back with small benches running along the the side and metal step to get in and out, and that is your thai bhat bus.

Back of the Taxi

Sitting and waiting to dive.

Here we dived at the Hardepp wreck and at Koh Chuang. On these dives we saw some blue spotted sting rays and some nudibranch along withe some other colourful fishes. Between dives you can find a spot on the sun deck and got some shut eye before the next dive, though keep one eye open, as cold water is only a splash away. On this dive trip, Rick completed his Dive Master training, so in the evening we all celebrated together. 

Ann, Dave, Rick, Me, Gordon and Andy
Rick doing his snorkel

The last day was back in Pattaya and we dived at Had Nuan and Koh Lan Sooth. Here we saw a large collection of coral and a verity of brightly coloured fish, also a blue spotted ray and another sting ray. Was like visiting the little mermaid and Nemo. Andy took his camera and captured some moments of the dive.

Photos from Andrew Jennings.


Over the three days I was lucky enough to dive each of the instructors and make new friendships at the Pattaya Dive Centre. 

If you ever have the opportunity to dive where ever you are in the world, I strongly recommend to give it a go, you will see another side of nature you do not see every day and each dive is completely different.

Bubble, bubble, bubble. 

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