Monday, 17 September 2012

Lunch at the beach shack

This little treasure, found tucked away from the beach shore. While you enjoy some thai cuisine you over look the sea and the islands. This gem has been here for sometime now, I remember coming here when  I was like 14 or so, not so much has changed maybe the table and chairs. Apart from the stair case that they have built from the beach to the promenade. They have used natural found object on the beach, to decorate the stair case.

As a light lunch and a break from the morning sunbathing session, mum and I wonder along the beach to here. The fact that it is real thai food, another reason why we love it. Mum had an aromatic a Tom Yam Goong with coconut milk, its normally without the coconut milk but the milk makes it slightly less spicy and more creamy. I indulged in a Green curry soup with prawn rather than chicken.

Tom Yam Koon - with coconut milk 

Green Curry

Steamed Rice

We enjoyed our lunch with a young coconut, a coke, a glass of wine and of corse steamed rice. The food is slightly spicy, so had to ask for nic noï pet which means little spicy. You can use this where ever you go, so the chef uses less or no chilli.

Bon Appétit

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