Sunday, 15 January 2012

Somewhere Exotic


I have been brought up with a lot of respect for this culture, the food, the people, the weather, the country, just everything. I'm very lucky in the way that I have been to Thailand since I was 7 years old, and the fact that I go there a lot. It's our family number one holiday destination. I can talk about so much on the topic of Thailand.

For those of you that know Thailand will know about Pattaya, for those who don't, I'll explain briefly, Pattaya in highly known for the girls, and what comes with the girls. Though the town of Pattaya used to be a small fishing village, so when people ask me where about I go, and I say Pattaya, they are shocked, but this town is lovely. Over the years I have seen this town grow and become bigger and popular torist destination. Being a 21 year old girl, I feel very comfortable to venture the town and local area on my own. But also this is because I know the place very well.

The shopping is brilliant out there, i particularly love the markets. This is where, as all my friends know that I get my accessories and bits and bobs from. Though what is fascinating is the way that food is made and sold on the street.

The fruit and veg are so bright and colourful, almost plastic.

These are just some of my holiday snaps and how they present and sell different types of food. What I find interesting and cute is how they sell sweets, very different to our Pic'n'Mix. 

Some of my favourite dishes are: 

Fresh Tiger Prawns and Langoustine

These prawns are sold by locals on the public beach and in town, mum and i buy them as our treat when we do out daily walk on the beach. They get served with different types of sauces, sweet chilli, they typical one that tourists go for. Lemon chilli in which the name says it all, Lemon and Chilli, took me a while to get used to this sauce. But so good. 

Clams in Curry Sauce

This is a new dish that we tried and fell in love with, The last time we went mum was addicted to these, she would get them while i get my favourite dish of all time, The duck noodle soup. (ill do a entire post on that soup soon)  

Vegetables in Oyster Sauce 

A typical dish, that you will find anywhere from restaurant to markets. As the name says its consist of fresh veg, each place doesn't it differently, some places you can pick and chose what you want in it. 

Sticky Rice with Fresh Mango with Coconut.

This is maybe one of my top desserts. The rice is sticky and sweet and really compliments the mango, which is like butter, it melts in your month and the coconut milk to tie it all together, so good, what mum an I usually do, is on our way back to our hotel is stop of and get on of these and eat them on the balcony, which over looks the Bay of Pattaya.

Wishing I was back there now.

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