Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sea Food Tagliatelle

My mum has an exceptional talent of making the most elaborate dishes and sauces out of simple ingredients, So this is one of my mum wow factor dishes. This is another dish that mum and I put on the week menu when I was home the other week.

Using fresh scallops and crevette grise (literally translated into grey prawns) to make a lovely sauce to go  with the wild garlic tagliatelle. Crevette grise are very similar to prawns but they are minuscule and still full of flavour.

Les Ingrédients
Crevette Grise
Spring onion 
Mushrooms finely chopped 
Double Cream 
White Wine

To recreate this is fairly simple, brilliant for a weekday treat. While your pasta is cooking, you can start on the sauce. Start by frying the mushrooms, onions, garlic with the scallops, when they start to get a nice warm colour to them toss in the crevette grise and the spring onion and stir in together, allow 3 to 5 minuets before adding a splash of the water which the pasta was cooked in, (use this for extra flavouring) add the wine at the same time and add the cream to make the sauce slightly more indulgent. Don't forget to season and your ready to serve. 

The wild garlic tagliatelle with the seafood sauce was a lovely mid week treat. The good thing about cooking with wine, is more of an excuse to have a glass, so that is exactly what we done. 

The way the sauce complimented the pasta was delightful, though there is cream in this dish the cream dose not over power it, it makes its slightly thicker and helps the flavours come out.

Bon Appétit

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  1. Hmmmm sounds tasty. I do love a good seafood type pasta!!! Love reading your blog Soph x