Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Le Jardin du Tonton

While I am home in Alsace I get spoilt when it comes to meal times. Not only is my tonton (uncle in french) a brilliant chef but his cooking is super light and healthy. He is very peticular in the way that he cooks. Last year we made cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery together, and he took out half the ingredients most of the naughty ones and replaced it with lighter options. It was an interesting take on cupcakes, and he finished them off with a fresh raspberry and then popped them in the open. They were still delicious. Not only that he uses fresh home grown ingredients that he cultivates himself.

When you don't find tonton in the kitchen he will be attending his garden. In the garden you will find a verity of flowers and trees, but the most fascinating part of the garden is the large vegetable patch.

In the green house alone there is about 120 tomato plants. All different types of verities from cherry tomatoes to coeur de boeuf (beefsteak), even orange ones to name a few.

Inside the greenhouse - end of the tomato season

In the outdoor vegetable patch there are a large selection of vegetables and fruit growing. There are blackberries and raspberries. Courgettes, runner beans both green and purple, broccoli, beetroots, aubergines, carrots, leeks, cabbage and different types of salad leaves and even peppers. Also a large selection of herbs.

Salade Verte


Golden Raspberries


When you take a walk though the garden you notice the greenhouse but the vegetable patch has a boarder of bright coloured flowers, which in the family we call Kenzo bouquet. This is because when I was younger my mum and tatie would create lovely bouquets from these colourful flowers.


The tomatoes are my favourite. Each summer when I come here I have a tomato salad basically with every meal. The last couple of days the weather has been extremely hot, so having a heavy meal is not to appetising. But a tomato salad is just right. 

La Recette 

Home grown tomatoes
small red onion
herds - I use basil and thyme
table spoon of olive oil
splash of balsamic vinegar
splash of vinegar du xsers

With tonton's tomatos the skin comes off very easily, so I tend to peal them. Chop them in half and then slice them. Chop the onion in to small pieces. Then add the herbs of choice, add the dressing and then season to taste. 

This is the most satisfying lunch to have when the weather is sunny (44˚C), I occasionally have some of my uncles home made bread to. 

I have to say that these are the best tomatoes in the world. The flavour is so natural and strong, that when you walk in to the green house the aroma of the tomatoes is intoxicateing. 

Saaalut et Bon AppĂ©tit 

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