Sunday, 12 August 2012

Back in the Motherland

So after months, weeks and days of counting down it's finally here and I am back in my homeland. Friday started at 5 o'clock in the morning, (yes I'm afraid that hour does exist). The day flew past with all the travelling and us girlies gossiping away.

When we finally got here, greeted by endless blue skies and the sunshine of Alsace. We unpacked and enjoyed a lovely light lunch and then headed down to the lake. Where we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and re charging our batteries for the night ahead. 


I have spent all my summers here since I was seven years old. This is where my mum grew up and her sister lives. So when summer comes along we spend our days together. Food is a very big part of our lifestyle here. We are always planning the next meal at the current meal we are enjoying. Though this year we have organised it slightly differently, by planning this weeks lunch menu ahead of time.

Le Menu

Tomate du Jardin

Salade Vigneronne 

At lunch time this week, my uncle is preparing lunch for all us youngsters. All together there are 12 of us. I will do a post next week on my uncles garden. We already had my brothers favourite dish, that is a the Salad Vigneronne. It is made with grated Emmental and Saucissee de Viande. My uncle served it up with home grown beetroot and courgette. At the table we had a selection of olives, cornichons and home made bread and also not forgetting the home grown tomatoes. 

Spending our days chilling out on the side of this little hidden treasure. The boys have started out by fishing, but that didn't lasted long as we decided that we needed a cool down from the hard work of sunbathing. 

Lake Babes 

So this where I shall be blogging from for the up coming weeks. Hope that summer is treating you all, as we say out here

Saaaalut!! x

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