Monday, 30 July 2012

Toffee Apple Cocktail

Finally having our glimpse of summer. Who hasn't enjoyed the past few days of pure harmless blue skies and the very few innocent fluffy white clouds. The week has flown past and I have been enjoying a new cocktail that I got introduced to last weekend. Let me tell you these are my new summer favourite! I thought it is about time that I shared this little gem with you.

I first discovered this rum back in April at the Bluewater Good Food Show, and I'll let you in to a little secret that bottle didn't last long. So when I saw these guys at the Essex Food and Drink Festival, I knew I to see them again. This time they had new cocktail to try, and try it, I did!

La Recette 
Cloudy Apple Juice 
Ron Aguere Caramel Rum
Slice of lime 

This cocktail is very simple and effective to make and it is super easy to drink. I made a few rounds for my friends at the BBQ during the week and it was a complete hit, Dulcie, who is has the biggest sweet tooth out the lot of us, was excited as she said it tastes just like a toffee apple in a glass. 

We enjoyed a couple of these as the sun was setting and the BBQ was trying to get light up. These summer cocktails are a nice way to catch up with friends and appreciate the summer evenings.

Bonne Degustation, Cheers.  

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