Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Essex Food & Drink Festival

Saturday 21st 

This weekend had been planned for a while with my mum and her friends, and mum invited me to go along with them. I was like sure why not, half heartedly wanted to go, but when it got to it, I had such a lovely day!

When we got there we had a little sit down and then found some adult drinks very quickly, a lovely selection from Pimms, to some bubbly and wine. 

The French Corner 

So while we were all chatting and getting up to no good, and let me tell you something, that it doesn't mean that you are older that you are boring or any less crude. Whilst we were sitting in the sun and listening to the live music, Aldo Zilli walked passed and I jumped to to opportunity to meet him. 

Aldo Zilli and I 

For lunch there was so much to choose from, my mother opted for the classic hog roast, with of course all the sides, and also managed to haggle for extra scratching. I went for the more wholesome Falafel and Halloumi pitta from the Norfolk Natter Jacks Food Co. The Pitta its self didn't last long, as I enjoyed it with my chilled glass of rose! 

Though the girls were slightly upset that didn't get to see Gino, but we had such a nice day in the start of this lovely weather. 

Sunday 22nd 

As I met Gino in back in April at the Good Food Show in Bluewater read it Here if you missed it. I was very excited to see him again, I didn't get to many photos of his demonstration as he picked me to be the runner with the mic and go the members of the audience when they had questions, it was fun to be part of the show. 


After the demonstration I went back stage armed with a print out of the photograph from the last time and went to get it signed. When Gino saw the photograph, he was said that he knew he recognised me. (was hard to keep my cool in front of him, as you can imagine I was on cloud 9)
He signed my photo with a personalised message which is proudly sitting in within the family photos. 

Hope you're all enjoying the sun!! 

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