Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Good Food Show

Last week I went to the Good Food show in Bluewater, was lovely to get out and about and view all different types of products, What was the most interesting is how a lot of the stands where using local products. I even tried some Honey from my home county, Essex.

I am quite the fan of Macaroons. So I got very excited when I saw these, what caught my attention is the delicate drawings on top of these. I had a lovely conversation with the director from On Cafe, Loretta Liu, and she said to me "we don't only eat by taste, but by also the by the eyes." I have to agree with her, and her Macaroons do just that.

Now, to the good stuff... Rum. This caught me by the eye the bottle is amazing, and then by taste. The rum is caramel, yes Caramel flavour, its so sweet and it goes down on its own. As soon as I tried this, my mind was already of cocktails recipes that will go well with it. The bottle its self is also a piece of art and stands out on its own. I opened the bottle on Sunday to share the delight with the family and friends. At the moment it is only available at Harvey Nichols. So if you passing by, and feeling indulgent, This is next on your list!

Ron Aguere Caramel Rum

Now for la piece de resistance I met Gino D'Acampo, I went to the live show where he cook a pasta dish with courgettes and smoke salmon and then explained how to make the perfect tuna steak, apart from the salmon he won me over. He is absolutely brilliant live he had me laughing and cheering him on, He is just as cheeky as you would think he is.

I got my book signed too, and had such a laugh with him. When he asked me who to make it out to, I said Sophie.G, and he was why are you called Sophie.G, Can the 'G', stand for Gino, and then you are my Sophie.G. Now how can you say no to that.

Gino D'Acampo and Sophie.G 
Ciao x

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