Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday - Gateau a la coque

Happy Easter,  hope that you all got countless chocolate eggs today and that you are in a chocolate overload. I got very excited when I saw all these chocolate bunnies, but was heartbroken when mum told me they weren't for us. But I had to get a cheeky photo.

Lindt Golden Bunny Family 

This weekend I have been experimenting in the kitchen to make a new easter cupcake.  I made easter style cupcake with easter decorations. As I later found out I was not the only one baking away, a couple of my friends were too. 

Though my Easter creation this year are my Gateau a la coque, loosely translates in to cake in an egg. As a little gift to a couple of my friends this year I gave them a coloured egg, but these were not normal eggs, they had cake inside them. I had fun creating these unique treats.

Gateau a la coque
What is fun about these, is the way that they are still eggs, so at first sight they just look like coloured eggs. With the family we all play the 'egg game'. This game is played with coloured boiled eggs, traditionally red, but ill give you more on that next week, as the Greek Easter is next weekend, lucky me hay!!

So this is way to fool everyone, but they are actually cakes. And if you do not believe me, check out the photo below. 

To present them, I put them in to wire egg cups and glued them down to the pink base and used various colours of shredded paper and a yellow and pink bow as a final touch.

I had fun creating the Easter table today, as we were inside due to the cold weather, I brought spring to the table with bunnies both ceramic and chocolate, eggs and flowers. 

Easter Table
Hope you all had a nice Easter, 
Bon Appétit 

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